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Come be our guest at the invitation only pre-party eXpCON event that is the place to mingle and network with some of the company leaders, builders, influencers and some of the best real estate practitioners in the business.

We have reserved the Grand Villa Bungalow located on the 3rd floor overlooking Mandalay Bay's Beach.  A cabana unlike any other that features air-conditioning, a refrigerator, wet-bar, private restroom and shower, multiple TV's, an incredible sound system and Wi-Fi, 

Your ticket includes unlimited drinks, access to two private pools in an adult only VIP Vegas Pool Party eXperience.  Join us at 11:00 am on October 10th.  Tickets are strictly limited so grab your's now before they're gone.

We believe the rooms you're in are the secret to eXpanding your mind and can have a massive impact in your life and business.  If you're curious of who might be in attendance watch the video from our event last year.  And this year we're going "all out" for our guests!

Our Story

Ghent Team Private Party 2021



We believe the way to achieve massive success in life and business is by surrounding yourself with the right people.


Our special guests will teach you valuable life and business lessons that will help you have growth personally and financially.


We will be lifted by the stories of our guests and speakers as they share the path that led them to where they are today in life.


The goal of our events is to provide every guest with a special experience that will drive them to do more, give more & be more.


In life you get one opportunity to create a legacy for the ones that mean the most, especially for those you'll never meet.