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You're invited to be our guest for a one-of-a-kind experience to learn from the country's most sought out coach. Coach Michael Burt is a world authority on activating the prey drive that lives within in each of us and our teams.

We believe life is a constant climb with peaks and valleys along the way, and at times it can feel like an uphill battle. It isn't, when you have the right guide, when you bring people along with you and help as many others as possible along the way.

Are you ready to go pro and leave your amateur desires behind?  Then you will want to get your tickets to learn how to think, sell, build, and work to generate hundreds of leads a week to become a "Monster Producer".

If you're in real estate, mortgage or insurance, or manage a team, you will not want to miss the opportunity to see why the industry's top professionals and teams are traveling the country to hear Coach Burt teach the ordinary to become extraordinary with a proven style that changes lives.

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We believe the way to achieve massive success in life and business is by surrounding yourself with the right people.


Our special guests will teach you valuable life and business lessons that will help you have growth personally and financially.


We will be lifted by the stories of our guests and speakers as they share the path that led them to where they are today in life.


The goal of our events is to provide every guest with a special experience that will drive them to do more, give more & be more.


In life you get one opportunity to create a legacy for the ones that mean the most, especially for those you'll never meet.